What Is The Best Way To Ship My Film, Slides, Photos Or Video Tapes?

Box of Slides

Every day people are shipping items world wide and arriving at the right destination on time. Some people have a fear of shipping their home movies, slides, photos or video tapes since once they leave their possession it is in the hands of the shipping company to get them to the correct destination. If your memories are lost in shipping there are no replacements and they could be gone forever. There have been cases where items have showed up broken, dead on arrival, or never reached there destination at all. If you are going to be sending your film, slides, photos or video tapes by using a shipping company, then there are a few suggestions below that will ensure your media will arrive in one piece to its proper destination.

Once you have your film, slides, photos or video tapes organized you will want to locate or purchase a sturdy box to put them in. Do not use an old used flimsy box to package your precious memories. Having a proper box is one of the most important factors in having your memories arrive in one piece. You will also want to use a packing material to wrap your items in to prevent them from damage. Bubble wrap is best since you can wrap each individual item for maximum protection. Try avoid using foam peanuts since they will shed the foam which ends up in your film and video tapes. You also want to include all your contact information so the company knows who to contact when they receive your order. Most film, slide, photo, or video transfer companies will have an online or downloadable order form that you can print out and put with your order. Once your package is ready make sure there are no loose items in the box. When you seal the box up and shake it you should have no movement within the box. This is going to assure your items will not be banged around and stand the chance of breakage.

The second consideration is to use a shipping company that will be able to track your package. Once your package leaves your hands, you are provided with a tracking number that you can enter into their system and track your package to assure it arrives at its desired destination. UPS or FedX are two companies that offer this service.

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