What Is A Regional Code Mean And Will They Be On My DVD Duplication Order?

DVD Region Map

The reason behind having a regional code for DVD’s was so the film production studios could have control over the geographical area and the time the films would be released to the public. With many of the Hollywood movies ending up on DVD for sale in the United States and Europe at the same time there need to be a system in place to control access. What this meant is each geographical location would need a DVD player with a region only code that would only play a DVD with the same region code. When the DVD players are manufactured they are assigned a code for that geographical region.

The DVD player will only play DVD’s that are coded with that region. So if you were to purchase a DVD in Europe and bring it to the United States to play, since they have two different region codes the disc will not play. The region code was in place for the release of Hollywood movies on DVD in different geographical locations. If you are duplicating DVD’s to be distributed outside of the United States you do not have to worry about region codes. The DVD disc’s that are duplicated here are region-less so they will play in any DVD player even if in a different geographical area. If you are sending DVD’s over sea’s you do want to make sure the DVD’s are in the correct format NTSC or PAL. For example Europe is on PAL while the United States, Canada, Mexico and other states use the NTSC format. You can obtain more information online by finding a DVD duplication company that is knowledgeable in this area.

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