Tips for Taking Commercial Photography

There is little room for error when dealing with commercial photography. These shots should look more polished and styled than casual shots, and there are a number of ways to improve the accuracy and lighting of the shot.

Product Location

Consider the product being sold or advertised. If you are selling pool toys and floats, it does not make sense to shoot the pictures in the kitchen. Put the products in their rightful place, then work on creating the best lighting and mood. It’s also a good idea to put other relevant ornaments next to or around the product. If you are selling gardening tools, put some fresh picked flowers in the shot to enhance the features of the product, and give clients an idea of what the gardening tools could create.

Creating the Mood & Lighting

Creating the right atmosphere is essential to giving the product an attractive quality. Most professionals use a white background to enhance the features of the product. However, this minimalist method is not always the best solution for shooting. It’s important to get the lighting right, then set the stage for the product. It’s best to bring in colored or dramatic lights to create a better mood; home lighting doesn’t always do the trick.

Most commercial photography is either a shot of a product isolated or of a building to showcase its majestic and detailed features. Therefore, the lighting and mood has to be perfect so as not to perceive any unnecessary reflections. These helpful tips are what keep photography fresh, professional, and high-quality.

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